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Request information from the custody register

Do you need information from the custody register? Find out more here. Continue

Request a certificate of sole custody

Do you have sole custody of your child and need a certificate (negative certificate) about this? Find out more here. Continue

Request a printout from the birth register

You don't have your birth certificate and you need it for a marriage or another official act? Then you can request a printout from the birth register. Continue

Request for a certificate

Midwifery request

If you are pregnant or have just given birth, you can use the services of a midwife. Continue

District court, dunning request - general inquiries, information center

The joint dunning court in Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is responsible for issuing dunning and enforcement notices as well as processing contradictions. Payment in installments can only be approved by the applicant (creditor) . Since ... Continue

Request a Trichina test

If you want to slaughter certain animals at home for your own consumption, you must have the meat of these animals officially tested for trichinae before processing. Continue

Request a sidewalk crossing change

The sidewalk crossing, also known as a property access road or curb reduction, is used to enable vehicles to easily access a property from the street. Existing sidewalk crossings can be changed. Continue

Apply for special use in public space

Request higher daily working hours

Under certain conditions, you as an employer can obtain approval for employees in your company to have rest periods that deviate from the working time regulations. Continue

Apply for exceptions to the Working Hours Act

Request information on land values

If you need information about land values, e.g. prior to purchasing a property, building a project or for property tax purposes, you can view the land values online or receive them in writing. Continue

Land value map of Hamburg (BORIS.HH)

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