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Request higher daily working hours

Under certain conditions, as an employer, you can have rest periods for employees in your company that deviate from the legal working time regulations approved. Continue

Apply for exceptions to the Working Hours Act

Show use of biocides

As an employer/user, you must notify the competent authority of the use of certain particularly dangerous biocidal products. Continue

notify employment of persons working from home

Would you like to employ people working from home for the first time? Here you can send the required advance notification to the authorities. Continue

Home work notification according to the Home Work Act

Report a case of damage when using certain work equipment

In your company or building, certain systems were damaged due to the failure of components or safety equipment. You must report this to the competent authority. Continue

Notification of additional activities with asbestos

Report any commercial activities that release or may release asbestos dust or dust from materials containing asbestos to the responsible authorities. Continue

asbestos display

Report personal injury caused by an accident when using certain work equipment

Has someone in your company or building been seriously injured or even died while using certain work equipment? Then you have to show this. Continue

Show homework for which special regulations of hazard protection apply

If you, as an entrepreneur, work from home for which special hazard protection regulations apply, you must submit a report to the responsible trade inspectorate and the regulatory office. Continue

Home work notification according to the Home Work Act

Apply for approval for demolition and renovation work on weakly bonded asbestos products

If you want to carry out renovation or demolition work in the presence of asbestos in a weakly bound form (high fiber releases), you need approval, which you apply to the responsible authority. Continue

Show firing of fireworks (permit or certificate holders)

If you would like to set off fireworks with pyrotechnic objects, you must notify the responsible authorities in advance. To do this, you need a permit or official proof of specialist knowledge or a certificate of qualification. Continue

View fireworks burning

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