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The delivery time for a passport is usually at least 2 weeks. If you need a passport at short notice, you can apply for the passport in an express procedure.

Important notes


  • You have German citizenship.
  • You can come by in person to apply (this also applies to minors).
  • Minors please appear with at least one legal guardian. If a guardian does not appear in person, their written consent with signature and the original identity card/passport are required.
  • You are registered with an apartment in Hamburg. If you are registered in Hamburg with a second home, the approval of the identity card authority at your main place of residence is required for the issuance of the identity document. This will be obtained from Hamburg Service.

Documents required

  • Current passport photo, which must meet the photo requirements for electronic ID cards.
    The requirements for the passport photo can be found in the photo sample table (see link “Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland - Photo sample table”, at the bottom of this page under “Forms, Service & Links”).

    A photo booth (speed capture terminal) is available. The fee for a photo on site is EUR 6.00. You will not receive a printout. Please note that the existing photo booth is not suitable for taking passport photos of infants and small children.
  • If available: valid identification document, for example ID card or old passport
  • For minors: birth certificate, children's passport, declaration of consent and identity cards or passports of the guardians. Evidence of sole custody, presence of the minor child and legal guardian.

Please note

The passport can be picked up by a person authorized by you.


Validity period:

  • 6 years for applicants under the age of 24

  • 10 years for applicants aged 24 and over

Procedure & Fees


You can only apply for an Express Passport on site at Hamburg Service. Only you can do that personally. You can make an appointment online or by phone. The application is filled out by officials. All you have to do is sign. When you apply, your fingerprints will be taken to be stored in the chip in your passport (usually a flat imprint of your left and right index finger).
The passport is produced by Bundesdruckerei GmbH and sent to Hamburg Service. You can then collect the passport from Hamburg Service.

Processing time

  • usually within 3-4 working days


  • if you are younger than 24 years: EUR 37.50 plus EUR 32.00 express fee = EUR 69.50 (valid for 6 years)

  • if you are 24 years or older: EUR 60.00 plus EUR 32.00 express fee = EUR 92.00 (valid for 10 years)

  • for a passport with 48 pages: additional EUR 22.00

Fees double if

  • the issuance has to take place outside official office hours or

  • you do not apply for the issuance at your main place of residence.

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

Service description

A passport allows you to identify yourself when traveling to other countries. If you urgently need your passport, you can apply for it in an express procedure at Hamburg Service. Then your new passport will be ready faster. You have to pay more for that.
The normal passport has 32 pages. If you travel a lot, you can apply for a 48-page passport. Both variants can be applied for in the express procedure.
You can apply for your passport using the Hamburg Service express procedure at your main residence. If you are registered in Hamburg with a second home, the approval of the identity card authority at the place of your main residence is required for the issuance of the identity document; this will be obtained from Hamburg Service. An increased fee applies.

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