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Apply for hatchery registration

If you want to run a breeding or multiplication business for domestic poultry or a hatchery, you must register with the competent authority upon application. Continue

Apply for information from the water book

The water book is a register of water rights. Anyone can view the water book. Continue

Agricultural subsidies

European agriculture and fisheries are promoted within the framework of the common agricultural policy and the common fisheries policy Continue

Supreme hunting authority Hamburg

The right to hunt is a property right that is inextricably linked to the ownership of land. With the right to hunt comes the obligation to preserve. Continue

Fishing license for foreign tourists

Would you like to obtain a tourist and holiday fishing license? Continue

Apply for first afforestation

If you want to create new forest on an area where there were no trees before, you must apply for a permit in advance. Continue

Supreme Forest Authority Hamburg

Forest in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (FHH) Continue

Organic farming, control procedures

If products that fall within the scope of the EU organic regulation and are labeled with an organic label, you can find out more about it here. Continue

Approve clear cutting in the protection forest

If you intend to reduce the forest density on a forest area, you need prior approval above a certain extent. Continue

Announcing a change to a land lease

As a lessor, would you like to notify the competent authority of a change to a land lease agreement by submitting it or, in the case of an oral contract conclusion, by notifying the relevant authority? Continue

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