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ELStAM, employer, hardship regulation

The tax authorities offer employers who are unable and for whom it is unreasonable to electronically access the wage tax deduction features of their employees a substitute procedure (so-called 'hardship rule'). For this purpose, the employer must ... Continue

Applying for an extension of the residence permit for exceptional hardship cases

If the exceptional hardship reasons that led to the granting of your residence permit still exist, this can be extended in special individual circumstances if leaving the country would still mean exceptional hardship for you. Continue

Residence permit Hamburg

Hardship aid for non-connected energy sources for private households

Starting May 2, 2023, private households that heat with oil or other energy sources that are not connected to the grid can apply for hardship aid retrospectively for 2022. The help can be requested via an online portal. Continue

Hardship fund: avert energy cuts

If your energy supplier has announced an energy blackout (with date) or has already implemented it and you cannot pay this debt yourself, support from the hardship fund can be considered. You can find more information under Forms, Services and Links. Continue

Preliminary check: assumption of electricity debt

Apply for a loan or subsidy for training

If you find yourself in a financial emergency during your training, you can receive a loan or a subsidy from the job center under certain conditions. Continue

Divorce petition decision

In order to end your existing marriage, you must apply for divorce in the family court. You must be represented by a lawyer. There is no legal requirement to approve the divorce petition. The family court pronounces the divorce, provided that the ... Continue

Motor vehicle tax Hamburg

The customs administration has been responsible for vehicle taxation in Hamburg since March 14, 2014. From this point on, tax cases are processed by the responsible main customs office in Hamburg-Stadt. Questions about the taxation of a motor vehicle ... Continue

ELStAM, employee, certificate for income tax deduction

Every employer is informed electronically of the wage tax deduction features of his employees (exception: see link to hardship application). Paper certificates (income tax card, replacement certificate) are usually no longer relevant. For electronic ... Continue

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