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city workshop

The Stadtwerkstatt organizes and advises the individual citizen participation processes and regularly develops new methods and tools for better citizen participation. Continue

DIPAS - digital participation system

Urban space monitoring, climate protection change, fundamental environmental issues

Many areas in Hamburg that are suitable for residential construction are exposed to high loads. Two guidelines on air pollutants and noise deal with land use planning. Continue

Building culture and urban planning

With its materiality and color, brick characterizes the Hamburg cityscape significantly and thus contributes in particular to the identity of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Continue

City-wide and thematic development planning

Hamburg will develop into a growing metropolis with international appeal. The draft for the spatial model specifies the political goals for the field of action of urban development. Continue

Project - cover A7

You are looking for information about the expansion of the A 7 with supplementary covers. Continue

Spatial planning and regional planning

Hamburg is the core of a dynamic region. The spatial links with the neighboring communities and districts are diverse. Read more about it here and follow the links. Continue

State planning and urban development

Hamburg plans for the future. Read more about concepts and strategies for urban development in Hamburg here. Continue

Downtown concept

Alongside the port, the city center is one of the places that give the city its identity. Continue

City model of Hamburg

The authority for urban development and housing, together with the state office for geoinformation and surveying, set up parts of Hamburg city center and Wilhelmsburg as a model in the atrium of the entrance area. Please visit us if you are interested. Continue

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