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Apply for approval for demolition and renovation work on weakly bonded asbestos products

If you want to carry out renovation or demolition work in the presence of asbestos in a weakly bound form (high fiber releases), you need approval, which you apply to the responsible authority. Continue

Show vacancy of an apartment

As a person with the right to dispose of the property, you must report any vacancy of living space lasting longer than four months to the responsible district office. You can also announce the vacancy of the apartment as an uninvolved third person; ... Continue

Report vacancy

Soil protection

Soil protection is used to secure or restore the functions of the soil. The soil is an indispensable basis of life for nature and society, their development and sustainable usability. Soil cannot be increased and has only a limited load-bearing ... Continue

Building culture and urban planning

With its materiality and color, brick characterizes the Hamburg cityscape significantly and thus contributes in particular to the identity of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Continue

Apply for a subsidy for thermal insulation in existing buildings

This funding program is aimed at initiating modernization of existing buildings by improving the energy efficiency of the building shell and thus conserving energy resources and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Continue

eApplication portal of the IFB Hamburg

Notification of object-related activities with asbestos

You must report any commercial activities that release or may release asbestos dust or dust from materials containing asbestos to the responsible authority. Continue

asbestos display

Single point of contact for professional recognition, agricultural professions

As part of a determination procedure, foreigners and Germans can have the equivalence of their foreign professional qualification determined with a German qualification, which entitles them to exercise certain professions. Continue

Point of single contact for professional recognition

Soil protection and contaminated sites

Numerous plots of land are dangerous for people and the environment, which should be systematically eliminated as part of the contaminated site processing. Would you like to know more? Then follow the links below. Continue

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