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Demolition approval

The regulations of the Hamburg Building Regulations (HBauO) apply to the removal of structures. A demolition permit is regularly required. Only projects that are procedure-free according to HBauO do not require approval. Independently of this, the ... Continue

Building application - ongoing application procedures

Apply for approval for demolition and renovation work on weakly bonded asbestos products

If you want to carry out renovation or demolition work in the presence of asbestos in a weakly bound form (high fiber releases), you need approval, which you apply to the responsible authority. Continue

Construction advice

You can get information about building law issues, about the possible development of land and information about the structural design in the centers for economy, building and environment of the district offices. Continue

Waste and Disposal - Waste Management Plans

Are you interested in waste management plans with the setting of goals and the control of waste management? Then please continue reading here. Continue

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