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In need of a laugh? Hamburg International Comedy puts on regular comedy shows in English.

Hamburg International Comedy

Hamburg International Comedy in English

In need of a good laugh? Hamburg International Comedy puts on regular stand up comedy shows in English for visitors, expats and English-speaking Germans alike. Performers hail from across the globe. Some have settled in Germany permanently, while others have traveled a long way just for this show!

Every show is different, so repeat attendance is encouraged. Some shows follow particular themes or offer audience members special treats (free pizza, for example!) along with their ticket. There's always something new and different to discover.

The shows from Hamburg International Comedy have been steadily growing in popularity, so it pays to book tickets in advance. Shows take place throughout the year, including some showcases taking place several nights in a row.

Upcoming Shows

  • 24 February, 2023: Hamburg International Comedy: LIVE TRUE DATING STORIES
  • 31 March, 2023: Hamburg International Comedy: Women’s Day Edition
  • 26 May, 2023: Captain Khalid's 'It's Not That Deep'
  • 28 July, 2023: Hamburg International Comedy: Open Air Edition
  • 24 August, 2023: Hamburg International Comedy: Comedia En Español Edition

Shows take place at locations throughout the city. Be sure to visit Hamburg International Comedy on their website or on Facebook for detailed information on upcoming shows including exact location, lineups, tickets and more.

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