Music Events Night of Choirs

At the annual Night of the Choirs in St. Petri Church, choirs sing compositions from different musical periods.

Night of the Choirs

Night of Choirs at St. Petri

Every year music lovers flock to Hamburg’s city centre for the Nacht der Chöre (lit.: Night of Choirs), a celebration of choral music that takes place in one of Hamburg’s most beautiful and historically significant churches, St. Petri

Around 30 different choirs sing at the event each year. The large St. Petri church choir is a highlight of the event, but there are so many choirs to discover: vocal ensembles of every size, as well as children's choirs and and other musical ensembles are all there. 

Visitors can look forward to a range of music as well. From traditional Christian choral music to secular pieces and from the classical to the modern, the Night of Choirs has something for all music lovers.  

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15 June 2024
5 p.m. - 11 p.m.


St. Petri Church
b. d. Petrikirche 2
20095 Hamburg