Hamburg Expat Artists eigenarten Festival

Artists from all over the world present their art, drama, film, dance, music and literature. What else do they all have in common? Living in Hamburg.

eigenarten Festival in Hamburg, Germany

eigenarten Festival - Hamburg's expats present their various art projects

eigenarten – Unique, worldly and tolerant 

They cast anchor in Hamburg and hail from all corners of the world: artists with different cultural backgrounds draw from a deep bag of influences in music, drama, literature, dance, film and fine arts. 

Curious and outspoken, frail and dramatic, adventurous, serious or laid back - these rising stars show what moves them in their latest productions.

Multicultural performances and art

For more than 20 years, the eigenarten Interkulturelles Festival Hamburg (lit. ‘Hamburg International Peculiarities Festival’) festival has offered a stage to these multicultural and multifaceted artists. No matter if they organise concerts, theatre pieces, readings or exhibitions. 

The work at the eigenarten festival reflects the different worldviews and societies of the featured artists. Long journeys and daily cross-cultural encounters shape the fruit of their labour. 

Around 30 productions and four exhibitions will be part of this year’s edition. 


The venues that take part in the festival are as diverse as the events themselves. The events are scattered all over the city in venues like the Altona Museum, Zinnschmelze, W3, the MUT! theatre, Alfred Schnittke Akademie, Bürgerhaus Bornheide, the Ernst Deutsch theatre, the Zentralbibliothek library, ella Langenhorn, Bürgerhaus Eidelstedt, HASPA Kirchdorf, HausDrei, Kölibri, monsun. theatre, Tibarg-Center, Goldbekhaus, Kulturladen St. Georg, the Bücherhalle Eimsbüttel library and the Indian consulate.

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Autumn 2021 dates TBA.

eigenarten Festival

 Willkommen in Hamburg


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