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Food, music, dance and art: Africa's rich and diverse cultures are well represented in the annual Alafia Festival in Altona.

Alafia Festival Hamburg 2

Alafia Africa Festival

The Alafia Festival in Ottensen (Altona) sets out to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the African continent as well as the Caribbean islands. A multi-faceted programme of music and dance performances provides the backdrop for a three-day festival that turns Ottensen district into a cultural melting pot par excellence. Headliners of the 2017 edition of the Alafia Festival included Benji Asare, Issa Kouyate, Zeynab Habib, Roughhouse, Lerato Sebele and many more.

Besides various performances, many food stalls and vendors of African handicraft and fashion round out this colourful event. Intercultural encounters are paired with the (hopefully) pleasant August weather and a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

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28 - 30 Aug, 2020


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