Performing arts festival Hauptsache Frei

The Hauptsache Frei performing arts festival is a hotspot for free-spirited artistic expression. 

Hauptsache Frei performing arts festival

The main thing is freedom 

The multidisciplinary Hauptsache Frei festival offers the independent performing arts scene a platform for their art and for building a network. Over the course of the five day festival, ten event locations will open their doors to artists and audiences. Audiences can experience a variety of cross-genre productions from recent years, each meeting at least one of the following three conditions: the production celebrated its premiere in Hamburg, the majority of the production team is based in Hamburg, or the production was funded by a Hamburg institution.

The productions 

The focus is not on marketing strategies. These productions arose from a purely artistic interest, and tackle current issues and stimulate discussion. At the end of the festival, a jury will award prizes for best production and best young talent.


The festival is sponsored by the Alliance for Festivals of Independent Dance and Theater Makers in Hamburg, which consists of institutions from the independent scene. Hauptsache Frei is funded by the Hamburg cultural authority as part of the three-year festival funding. Other sponsors are the Hamburg Cultural Foundation, the Rudolf Augstein Foundation and the Claussen-Simon Foundation.


5-9 June 2024


Kampnagel, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, Lichthof Theater, Fundus Theater, Monsun Theater, Resonanzraum | Kraftwerk Bille, Fleetstreet Theater, Klabauter Theater, Sprechwerk, HausDrei

Foe more information, including programme and tickets, visit Hauptsache Frei online. 

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