Hamburg at Home Kunsthalle Museum: Audio Exhibitions

Hamburg’s Kunsthalle museum serves housebound art lovers a feast for the ears with audio exhibitions.

Visit outstanding exhibitions. View of Hamburg's Kunsthalle museum.

Hamburg Kunsthalle Museum - at home

Along with Hamburg’s other cultural facilities, the Hamburger Kunsthalle museum remains closed for now. To make up for this, the Kunsthalle is offering would-be visitors a selection of masterpieces to view while listening to detailed descriptions via audio show.

Hamburger Kunsthalle publishes guided audio tours daily on pieces that show the range of their entire collection: from the Old Masters to modern art, from paintings to sculptures and installations.

Expert tip: start listening with your eyes closed and look at the image only after the audio description has finished. You’ll be surprised at how imagination and reality can differ.

You can also download the free Hamburger Kunsthalle app from their website.

For more info, visit Hamburger Kunsthalle online.



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