Long Night of Literature and Music HAM.LIT

A night full of literature: HAM.LIT combines exciting, youth-focused readings with bold musical performances.

Frau sitzt an einem Tisch vor einem roten Theatervorhang und liest aus einem Buch HAM.LIT 2017

HAM.LIT: Long Night of Literature and Music

Long Night of Literature and Music: a diverse literary programme

At Hamburg’s annual HAM.LIT Festival, visitors can enjoy a diverse literary programme with readings from novels, poetry, short prose and dramatic works all targeted at a young audience. HAM.LIT attracts a wide range of authors as well, both as guests and as readers. Each year sees a programme full of readings from both local and world-renowned authors.  

What makes HAM.LIT stand out from other literary festivals, however, is its music programme, which transports visitors throughout the evening.   

From novels and poetry to short prose and dramatic works, the evening promises insight into the young literary scene and provides a platform to its most important current representatives in the coming year. It’s a must-visit event for both fans of youth literature and those already working in the industry.

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