Franco-German Cultural Event Arabesques Festival

This annual festival celebrates French and German art, culture, diplomacy and friendship.

Arabesques Franco-German Cultural Festival

Arabesques Franco-German Cultural Festival

Arabesques Franco-German cultural festival

The Arabesques cultural festival was launched in 2012 by Barbara Barberon-Zimmermann and Nicolas Thiébaud. In spirit, the festival begins annually on 22 January, marking the day in 1963 when Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer signed the Élysée Treaty on Franco-German friendship; however, in practice, events often take place throughout the year. Since its inception, Arabesques has pursued the fundamental values ​​of protecting democratic Europe while exploring other annually rotating topics of relevance.

With the help of music, film, chanson, dance, discussion panels and theatre, Arabesques aims to highlight how young people in particular deal with the challenges of our time. The festival seeks out new visions of diversity, openness and responsibility for the future of Europe as German and French artists take part in over 30 events over the course of five weeks each year.  

Upcoming Dates

Arabesques currently has a variety of events including concerts, film series, lectures and more running until May 2025, with the possibility of even more events being announced.

You can find more information by visiting Arabesques online.