Events St. Patrick's Day

Along with the rest of the world, Hamburg celebrates Ireland on 17 March ― with lots of green and beer!

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day in Hamburg

St. Patrick is widely regarded as the first Christian missionary to set foot on the Irish isle. In his honour, the Irish, their descendants abroad, and many others Celtic enthusiasts throughout the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day annually. 

In Hamburg you won’t awaken on 17 March to find leprechauns parading the streets or that the Elbe river has been dyed green. Luckily, this doesn’t stop green-clad folks from hitting the pubs and bars on 17 March ― which falls conveniently on a Sunday in 2019. Even if St. Paddy’s in Hamburg mainly means indulging in pints and Irish whiskey and mingling with the many expats that live and work in Hamburg, you don’t have to miss out. To give you a head start, we’ve listed some of the best St. Patrick’s Day parties in Hamburg!

The map on the right side indicates locations of even more Irish pubs scattered all over Hamburg.  




Paddy's Bar
St. Patrick's Weekend w/ live music and rugby & football screenings, 15 - 17 MarchSchauenburgerstrasse 40, 20095 Hamburg

Murphy’s Irish Pub

St. Patrick’s Day Party w/ Cliff Miller

Friedrichstrasse 24, 20359 Hamburg

The Old Dubliner

St. Patrick Day’s Weekend Parties: Live music 15-17 March

Neue Strasse 56-58,  21073 Hamburg

Thomas Read’s

ST. PATRICK'S (Satur)DAY w/ DJs and
Live Music, 16 March

Nobistor 10, 22767 Hamburg

Irish Pub in the Fleetenkieker

St. Patrick’s Day Party: Live music all day & Liverpool vs. Fulham football @ 3 p.m.

Börsenbrücke 10, 20457 Hamburg


NDR 90,3 Irish Night w/ Live Music by Dara McNamara, Luka Bloom & more

Große Freiheit 58, 22767 Hamburg

Landgang BrauereiSt Patrick's Day 2019 w/ live music, 16 March

Beerenweg 12, 22761 Hamburg

Rieckhof KulturzentrumSt. Patrick's Day Party w/ live music & Irish stepdancers, 16 MarchRieckhoffstrasse 12, 
21073 Hamburg

St. Patrick's Day


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