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Cinemas across Hamburg showcase contemporary Japanese films - from anime and comedy to drama and documentaries.

Japan Film Festival / Smokin' on the moon by Kanato Wolf

Japan FilmFest Hamburg

Business relations between Hamburg and Japan have been fruitful for decades. As a result, many Japanese companies have settled in the Hanseatic city, contributing significantly to Hamburg's economic growth. However, Japan's contributions to Hamburg are not just economic. Culturally, the land of the rising sun has made a large impact as well. Japan Filmfest provides Hamburg's residents and guests with a taste of Japanese cinema from a variety of genres. If you thought Japanese film began and ended with anime, this film festival will certainly set you straight. From documentaries to short and feature films of all genres, the five-day festival knows no stylistic boundaries. What’s more, films screened during Japan Filmfest are often German, European or even world premieres, adding an air of exclusivity to the event. Films are usually in Japanese with English subtitles (if indicated as 'OmeU').

For more information, please visit the official Japan Filmfest website.


19-23 June 2024


Japan Film Fest


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