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Like many other European cities, Hamburg celebrates Heritage Day by inviting the public to the various monuments.

Inside the Hamburg Town Hall

Hamburg celebrates Heritage Day

From Blankenese’s Roman Gardens in the west to Bergedorf Castle in the east: during the Heritage Day weekend, more than 140 single events aim to present Hamburg's many different historical sites to the public. Churches, city halls, parks, gardens, cemeteries, schools, company headquarters, warehouses, mansions and barracks are just some of the Hamburg heritage sites that will be open to the public. As part of European Heritage Day, the event takes place annually during the second weekend in September, when 50 European countries present their cultural riches to the public. In Hamburg, the Hamburg Monument Foundation is responsible for organising the Heritage Days. Following the example of the British National Trust, the foundation has been active to preserve historical buildings and sites in the municipal area. 


11 — 13 September, 2020

The motto for the 2018 edition was "Modern(e): Umbrüche in Kunst und Architektur" (lit. "Modernist change in art and architecture"). Free of charge brochures can also be obtained from public libraries, district offices, Hamburg Central, City Hall, and Landeszentrale für politische Bildung (State Agency for Civic Education).

Heritage Day


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