Subculture Convention INK & RIDE

This weekend-long fusion event combines urban phenomena like tattoos, skateboarding and street art. 

Ink and Ride Hamburg

INK & RIDE - Fusion Event and Subculture Convention for Tattoos and Urban Lifestyle

Tattoos have long since made their way out of the prisons and dingy dockland pubs. People from all walks of life have chosen to get “inked up” and this permanent body art will no longer give a hard time during job interviews and visits to your in-laws.

The INK & RIDE convention brings together a diverse scene of different styles and artists. It acts as a forum for cultural exchange and shop talk over trends, techniques and preferences. And, of course, visitors can receive a tattoo right on the spot. Next to body art, forms of expression such as urban art and bike and skateboard culture are part of the two-day convention. In 2018, the Millerntor stadium provided the backdrop for these subcultural phenomena. As of 2019, the event has been held at the Museum der Arbeit in Barmbek.

Fusion of modern subculture

Combining tattoos with street art and bikes may seem like an stretch at first. At the INK & RIDE convention, these topics blend in with each other perfectly. On two consecutive days, tattoo and graffiti artists, skateboarders and BMX bikers can be seen realising their ideas and performing their boldest tricks. Food trucks will be on-site to supply visitors with tasty street food.


2023 dates TBA

Note: Schedule is subject to change and corona regulations apply.

Ink and Ride