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Every year in autumn, 40 venues open their doors all night to showcase the performances of the upcoming theatre season.

Theatre night Hamburg

Hamburg Theatre Night

Always wanted to see a play in one of Hamburg's many theatres, but never found the time? Visit them all — or as many as you can — during Hamburg Theatre Night. For this yearly celebration of Hamburg’s lively stage entertainment scene, 40 theatres open their curtains to showcase the upcoming theatre season. Improv, dramas, operas, farces, mimes and one-acts: all performances have been shortened to allow visitors to see as many as they want. And, if you’ve seen enough of one performance, it's acceptable to get up and head on to the next! An evening full of theatrical appetisers, if you will.

Most plays will be in German. The English Theatre exclusively puts on shows in the English language. At the end of the evening, several theatres host parties either with live music or DJs, for example the official Aftershow Party.

The Hamburg Theatre Night ticket is valid for all performances and events of the evening, and includes transportation with special shuttle buses that drive in between the participating theatres.

To buy tickets and see the programme, visit the official Hamburg Theatre Night website (German).


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Theatre Night


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