Events Night of the Churches

More than 100 churches in and around Hamburg open their doors to the public, offering festive insight into the city's various communities.

Night of the Churches Under the slogan 'Just Heavenly', more than 100 churches in and around Hamburg open their doors to the public.

Night of the Churches

Between St. Peter's, St. Catherine's and St. James's, not to mention bigger landmarks like St. Michael's Church and the St. Nikolai Memorial, there's no doubt that the sacred buildings of Hamburg are among the city's most revered tourist attractions. But these prominent houses of prayer are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hamburg’s numerous places of worship.

The annual Night of the Churches is designed to give an overview of the many different spiritual orientations within the Christian faith in Hamburg. From the predominant Lutheran church, to the Catholic, Orthodox, Reformist and Free Church theological worldviews, the ecumenical Night of the Churches offers an inside look into many different Hamburg-based spiritual communities and their temples. And not only the interpretations of the bible’s verses differ — in a worldly city like Hamburg, many congregations and parishes hold their services in languages other than German.

In order to get to know the religious landscape of Hamburg a little better, more than a hundred different churches open their gates to the public every year. On the Night of the Churches in 2017, more than 570 events took place in a single night. 75,000 visitors attended free events at such extraordinary locations as the Flussschifferkirche church boat, the African centre in Borgfelde, and the Finnish Seamen’s Church. This year promises to be just as exciting. 


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