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Pawnbroking business, permit

Anyone who runs the business of a pawnbroker or a pawnbroker needs a permit. Pawnbrokers grant money loans and receive a movable object or securities as collateral as collateral. Costs and interest will be charged for the loan. The costs that may be ... Continue

Violation of the Youth Protection Act

The Youth Protection Act serves to protect children and young people. For example, children and young people are not allowed to be present in amusement arcades. Brandy and drinks containing brandy or food that contains brandy in more than a small ... Continue

Oak processionary moth on private land

The oak processionary moth is an inconspicuous gray-brown moth with a wingspan of 25 to 30 mm. The butterfly species bears its name because of its peculiarity to move one behind the other or next to one another in search of food in the evening, like ... Continue

Frascatiplatz, special permit for driving or parking

You need a special permit to drive or park on Frascatiplatz with vehicles over 3.5 t and buses. Continue

Apply for permission to hold a security-related major event

If you want to hold a major event with an increased risk potential, you must apply for a permit. Continue

Guide to the event permit

Industry in need of surveillance

A trade requiring supervision according to § 38 GewO (also called trust trade) is, for example, motor vehicle trade, travel agencies, key services, trade in high-quality second-hand goods and consumer goods, marriage brokerage, trade in precious ... Continue

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