Security trade, permit

Important notes


They have the reliability required for business operations.

  • Your personal expertise and
  • a liability insurance according to § 15 Guarding Ordinance (BewachV)

Documents required

  • ID card or passport with last registration certificate,
  • Certificate in tax matters, if necessary, extract from the commercial register
  • Certificate of competence from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Proof of the required liability insurance.

Please note

Activities in the security industry (e.g. property or personal protection) may only be carried out with a permit.

Security personnel
To carry out certain surveillance tasks (e.g. certain patrols, surveillance of discos, protection against shoplifters), an additional examination is required. For other activities only a certificate of instruction (HK) is necessary.

The licensing procedure is subject to a fee. The start of the security business must be reported in accordance with Section 14 of the Trade Regulations (trade registration).

Notification of the security guard
According to Section 16 (2) of the Guarding Ordinance, a security company must first notify the responsible authority (in Hamburg: District Office) of the security person he wants to employ. The competent authority checks the reliability of the person under surveillance law. The reported person may only be entrusted with guard duties after a background check and approval by the competent authority.

There is a charge for reporting with the background check procedure

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

6-8 weeks.


The fees are 220 EUR to 320 EUR

Legal notes

Legal basis

§ 34a Trade Regulations (GewO)

Ordinance on the Guarding Industry (BewachV)

Schedule of fees for economic administration

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