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Immission control

Monitoring of commercial operations and technical systems with regard to noise, air, light and vibrations. Continue

Show vacancy of an apartment

As a person with the right to dispose of the property, you must report any vacancy of living space lasting longer than four months to the responsible district office. You can also announce the vacancy of the apartment as an uninvolved third person; ... Continue

Report vacancy

Soil protection

Soil protection is used to secure or restore the functions of the soil. The soil is an indispensable basis of life for nature and society, their development and sustainable usability. Soil cannot be increased and has only a limited load-bearing ... Continue

Housing maintenance, housing defects, minimum requirements and repairs

If you are affected by a defect in your living space that the owner does not remedy, you can report the matter to us. Continue

Show systems that do not require approval when using organic solvents

If you handle organic solvents in your company, you may have to report the system to the responsible authorities if you exceed an activity-related threshold. Continue

Notification according to §5 of the 31st BImSchV

Misappropriation of living space, advertisement and approval

Living space may only be used for purposes other than residential with permission. Approval must be applied for at the district office in whose district the apartment is located. The use of living space for commercial or freelance purposes, e.g. ... Continue

Housing protection number Report vacancy

Drinking water hygiene

Drinking water must be of such a nature that its consumption or use is not expected to cause damage to human health, in particular from pathogens. With the entry into force of the First Ordinance amending the Drinking Water Ordinance from May 3rd, ... Continue

Display of devices with non-ionizing radiation

Would you like to display your equipment with non-ionizing radiation? Continue

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