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Professional handling of toxins, permission

Section 11 of the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance regulates the certificate of competence, which is necessary for people who bring certain dangerous substances into circulation. This is important for everyone who gives certain chemicals to buyers or ... Continue

Advice for the garden and the public green

The plant protection service advises you on plant diseases and pests on plants. This takes place within the framework of the plant protection advice for the house and allotment garden area, as well as the public green. Continue

Keeping dangerous animals, permit

The private keeping of dangerous animals requires approval in accordance with the regulations of the Hamburg Dangerous Animal Act. The animals that require a permit include various scorpions and spider species, armored lizards, lizards, giant and ... Continue

Oak processionary moth on public property

The oak processionary moth is an inconspicuous gray-brown moth with a wingspan of 25 to 30 mm. The butterfly species bears its name because of its peculiarity to move one behind the other or next to one another in search of food in the evening, like ... Continue

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