Apply for a representative permit in the catering industry

Important notes


The representation permit can only be issued if the restaurant permit has already been issued or is issued at the same time.

Documents required

  • Application form
  • ID card or passport with last registration certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct for authorities
  • Extract from the central trade register
  • Proof of instruction from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Only when serving food: Certificate of instruction in accordance with the Infection Protection Act

Please note

If you want to have the restaurant run by a deputy, then you have to submit the application yourself. You must submit your personal documents to the designated deputy. You need a representation permit for every person who is to exercise the trade as a representative.

A deputy is not a salaried employee who runs the business while the trader is absent. Rather, a deputy is a person who runs the business of the actual trader. This means that this person can, for example, hire staff. As a rule, this permit is used by large corporations.

If the trade is no longer operated by the deputy, this must be reported to the licensing authority immediately.


Anyone wishing to run a catering business must report this to the competent authority before opening the business.

Procedure & Fees


Permission is granted upon request. For this purpose, the form must be completed and submitted, signed.

Processing time

Up to 3 months.


495 to 595 EUR

Legal notes

Legal basis

§ 9 Restaurant Act (GastG)

Schedule of fees for economic administration

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