Apply for gambling hall permission in the travel trade

If you want to operate an amusement arcade or similar business in the itinerant trade, you need a permit for the respective location.
Submit an informal application for an itinerant arcade permit.

Important notes


  • To run an arcade, you need to have the reliability required. As a rule, you do not have this if you have committed a crime, theft, embezzlement, extortion, receiving stolen goods, money laundering, concealment of unlawfully obtained assets, fraud, breach of trust, illegal organization of a game of chance, participation in illegal gambling within the last three years before submitting the application or have been convicted of an offense under Section 27 of the Youth Protection Act.
  • You must live in orderly financial circumstances: No insolvency proceedings have been opened against your assets or rejected due to lack of assets.
  • The rooms intended for the operation of the trade meet the police requirements in terms of their condition and location and must be suitable for the operation of a gambling hall.
  • Running your business does not endanger young people and there is no need to fear excessive exploitation of the play instinct. Harmful environmental effects within the meaning of the Federal Immission Control Act or a nuisance to the general public, the neighbors or an institution existing in the public interest are not to be expected either.

Documents required

Informal application for a license for a gambling hall in the itinerant trade

  • Copy of identity card or passport with registration certificate, or presentation on site.
  • Proof of orderly financial circumstances
  • if you live in Germany
  • Excerpt from the list of debtors
  • Certificate of the bankruptcy court
  • Certificate in tax matters (from the tax office)
  • If you live abroad: Documents from your home country that prove your orderly financial situation
  • Evidence of the corporate legal form
  • Proof of personal reliability
Proof of corporate legal form:
If the company is based in Germany If the company is entered in a register: Excerpt from the commercial register or the partnership register or the register of cooperatives
if the company is based abroad: documents from the country of domicile that prove the legal form

Proof of personal reliability: If you live in Germany:
Application for a certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority
Application for an excerpt from the commercial register for submission to an authority
If you live abroad: Documents from your country of residence that prove your personal reliability
Additional documents may be requested to check personal reliability.

Lease, purchase or rental contract as well as the floor plan of the commercially used rooms.

In the case of legal entities (e.g. GmbH, corporate companies, AG, registered cooperatives), you must submit the personal documents for all natural persons authorized to manage the business (e.g. personal papers) or apply for them (e.g. excerpt from the central trade register for submission to an authority in accordance with Section 150 paragraph 5 trade regulations). For the legal entity you also need an excerpt from the central trade register for submission to an authority according to § 150 paragraph 5 trade regulations.

Partnerships (GbR, KG, OHG, PartG, GmbH & Co. KG) are not permitted as such. Therefore, every managing partner requires permission. Submit a completed application form and all personal documentation for each of these individuals.

Please note

If another game with a chance of winning is to be held in the arcade, an additional permit is required.


Deadline Type: Application Deadline

Permission must be available at the start of operations.

Procedure & Fees


  • Submit your informal application with all the necessary documents.
  • The responsible body will check whether you meet all the requirements
  • If you meet all the requirements, you will be given permission.
  • You are only allowed to start the activity once you have received permission.

Processing time

2-4 weeks


EUR 215 to EUR 315.

Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

Section 60a (3) Trade Regulations (GewO)

Section 33c Trade Regulations (GewO)

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