Catering, permission

Important notes


The special occasion is given. A special occasion exists when the gastronomic activity in question is linked to a short-term, infrequent event that is outside the gastronomic activity itself.

Documents required

  • ID card or passport with last registration certificate,
  • informal application with the following information:
  • Venue and date, times
  • special occasion
  • Number of alcohol dispensing points
  • Event description

Please note

A permit is a temporary permit. It is only granted for short-term events that represent a special occasion and at which alcoholic beverages are served for consumption on the spot. This can be, for example, alcohol dispensing points at a commercial street festival, at a music concert, at a sporting event or similar events.

When using the public traffic / street space, you need a special permit in addition to the permit.

The trader can be given conditions at any time.


You should apply for a permit at least two weeks before the start of the above-mentioned activity requiring a permit.

Procedure & Fees


You apply for the restaurant permit in writing at the competent consumer protection, trade and environment office.

Processing time

With submission of all documents up to 2 weeks.


75 to 300 EUR.

Legal notes

Legal basis

Section 12 Restaurant Act

Schedule of fees for the economic administration

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