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Apply for a change in tax class when entering into a marriage

Don't want to keep the IV/IV tax class combination that is automatically granted upon marriage? Then you and your wife or husband can submit an application for a tax class change to the tax office responsible for your place of residence. Continue

ELSTER (electronic tax return)

Marriage, marriage, consummation with a foreign partner

If you want to marry each other and all marriage requirements have been checked by the competent registry office, you will be married to each other as part of the civil marriage/wedding ceremony. Continue

register marriage

If you want to get married, you must first register the marriage at the registry office. Continue

annulment of marriage

If you think your marriage is illegal, you can apply to have your marriage annulled. Continue

Change tax class after resumption of marital or civil partnership

If you are no longer permanently separated from your spouse/partner, you are again entitled to the tax class combination III/V, IV/IV or IV/IV with a factor. Continue

ELSTER (electronic tax return)

Apply for an identity card because of a name change upon marriage

You got married and therefore changed your name? Then you need to apply for a new identity card if you do not have a valid passport document with the new name. If your children's surnames have changed, their documents with the old names are also invalid. Continue

Application status ID / passport Make an appointment online, locations Hamburg Service

Marriage Certificate Exhibition

Need a marriage certificate? You can get your marriage certificate from the registry office in the area in which the marriage took place. The registry office issues them from the marriage register. Continue

Request for a certificate

Issuing a marriage certificate

The registry office issues documents and certified extracts from the marriage registers. Continue

Conversion of a civil partnership into a marriage

Persons living in a registered civil partnership can convert this into a marriage since October 1, 2017. If the civil partners have not yet had a common civil partnership name, they can determine a married name as part of the marriage. Continue

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