District courts, family matters

Important notes

Please note

Written inquiries can only be made by post or fax. Processing by email is not possible.

A divorce petition must always be filed by a lawyer or a specialist lawyer for family law at the responsible family court.

All decisions from the family court (e.g. decisions, judgments) must only be requested in writing (letter, fax).

Note on technical responsibility:

  • If at a Erbausschlagung (for which the probate principle is responsible) may be required for minors by their legal representative, a family court approval, is (only) responsible for this approval the Family Court.
  • Divorce judgments up to 06/30/1977 are at the regional court and from 07/01/1977 to the local courts.

Notes on local jurisdiction:

  • Divorce proceedings and related matters: The place of residence of the underage children is decisive for the local jurisdiction of a divorce. If there are no underage children with one spouse, the court in which both spouses last lived is responsible if at least one spouse continues to live in this district. If this requirement is also missing, the place of the respondent is decisive.
  • In separate matters about parental responsibility, the place of residence of the child decides.

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