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Issuance of a certificate of naming

You can obtain a certificate of the name from the responsible registry office. Continue

apply for a driving license

Any person who has reached the age of 14 will be issued with a certificate of good conduct upon application. This reflects the content of the Federal Central Register. You can apply for this online at the Federal Office of Justice ( https://www ... Continue

Online portal of the Federal Office of Justice

Issuance of a resident certificate

With a resident's certificate, you as the owner or other authorized person receive information about the condition of a property and the adjacent development system in terms of development contributions. Continue

resident certificate

Travel trade, permit

If you want to run a travel trade, you will need a travel trade card. You can receive this for a limited or unlimited period. Continue

Issuing a marriage certificate

The registry office issues documents and certified extracts from the marriage registers. Continue

Issuance of a marriage certificate for German citizens with residence or habitual abode abroad

The marriage certificate is issued if it is required for marriage abroad. Continue

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