Marriage, marriage, consummation with a foreign partner

If you want to marry each other and all marriage requirements have been checked by the competent registry office, you will be married to each other as part of the civil marriage/wedding ceremony.

Important notes


  • Registration of the intended marriage
  • Make an appointment with the registry office
  • In the event of a lack of language skills, an interpreter must be brought along at the instigation of the spouses and after consultation with the registry office.
  • The spouses must be present in person
  • According to German law, no obstacle to marriage may stand in the way of marriage.

Documents required

Proof of identity (identity card, passport, or suitable identification document)

Please note

  • The registration must be made at the registry office of the place of residence of one of the fiancés.
  • Marriage can take place in any registry office in Germany.


The deadlines and the validity of the registration of the marriage must be requested for each individual case, especially in the case of foreign participation, at the registry office.

Procedure & Fees


Before the marriage, the spouses are to be asked whether there have been any changes in their actual circumstances relating to the marriage requirements since the marriage was registered and whether they want to choose a married name.
Marriage should be performed in a dignified manner appropriate to the importance of marriage. According to German law, witnesses are no longer mandatory, but can still be involved.
The wedding ceremony takes place at a location specified by the competent authority (registry office).
The effective marriage presupposes the legal capacity of the spouses, which was checked by the registry office as part of the registration of the marriage. The declarations of the spouses that they want to marry each other are to be recorded in a record by the registrar after the marriage. The minutes must contain all the information to be recorded in the marriage register. It must be signed by the spouse, the witnesses and the registrar.
A marriage is considered concluded when the spouses have declared that they want to marry each other.

Processing time

The length of the marriage can vary. Please contact the responsible registry office.


  • The marriage itself is included in the fees for registering the marriage.

  • For marriages outside the offices of the registry office outside of business hours (Saturday), you do not have to pay any additional fees, which you can inquire about separately at the registry office responsible for the marriage.

Legal notes

Legal remedies

If the marriage is rejected, the couple who would like to marry can contact the district court of Hamburg and apply for an order in accordance with Section 49 PStG.

Legal basis

Service description

If you would like to establish a marriage, you must be married by a registrar in a registry office in Germany. You must first register for the marriage at your local registry office. As part of the registration process, both partners will be checked for marital status.
When examining the so-called ability to marry of foreign spouses (certificate of ability to marry in the home country), it depends on whether there are legal obstacles to marriage under the respective home law of the foreign partner. This check is intended to prevent a marriage being concluded in Germany that is ineffective, annullable or invalid in the home country of the spouse.
The marriage ceremony takes place within the framework of the civil marriage of two people by a registrar.
The only exception to marriage in the registry office is the marriage of two foreign persons before a wedding person duly authorized by the government of their home state in the form prescribed by the law of that state, provided that one of the engaged couple is a national of that state.

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