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Violation of the Youth Protection Act

The Youth Protection Act serves to protect children and young people. For example, children and young people are not allowed to be present in amusement arcades. Brandy and drinks containing brandy or food that contains brandy in more than a small ... Continue

Dog ownership, registration (only puppies without a chip number)

If you own a dog, you must register it in Hamburg immediately, the registration must be made within 2 weeks after you start owning the dog or, in the case of puppies, up to the age of 3 months. You can register your dog in your responsible consumer ... Continue

Dog ownership in Hamburg

Dog ownership, de-registration

The competent authority must be informed about the death or surrender of the dog, stating the date of death or surrender and about a change in the owner's address (moving away from Hamburg) within two weeks of the change occurring. Continue

Dog ownership in Hamburg

Dog ownership, registration of dangerous dogs

Keeping dangerous dogs is strictly forbidden. If you want to keep a dangerous dog, you need the permission of the competent authority. Continue

Dog ownership, puppies and young dogs (dog law)

The authorization requirement for dangerous dogs also applies without restriction to puppies and young dogs. Continue

Dog ownership, re-registration

A dog has to be re-registered when moving within Hamburg. If you move to Hamburg from outside of Germany, it is a dog registration (see link). Continue

Dog ownership in Hamburg

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