Dog register, extract

Important notes


For the obedience test (Section 4 Dog Act) and the character test (Section 5 Dog Act), the dog owner needs an extract from the dog register.

Documents required

ID card or passport (with valid registration certificate)

Please note

The dog owner receives an excerpt from the dog register if the dog is registered in a customer center or a department of the responsible specialist office for consumer protection, trade and the environment. If the dog is registered online, the excerpt can be printed out immediately after successful registration.

You can request the excerpt from the dog register outside of the registration process in person, by post or by email from the responsible department for consumer protection, trade and the environment. The extract will then be handed over or sent to the holder; preferably electronically as a pdf document via email.

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

The processing time is about 10 minutes.


There is no charge.

Legal notes

Legal basis

Hamburg law on keeping and leading dogs

(Dog Law - Dog Act)

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