Deregister dog

If you no longer keep your dog in your municipality of residence, deregister him with the responsible authority.

Important notes


You must deregister your dog with the relevant authority if

  • Your dog has run away,
  • Your dog has been put down or died,
  • You have given away your dog or
  • You move to another community.

Your dog is registered in Hamburg.

Documents required

  • Identity card or passport with last registration confirmation
  • Confirmation of registration in the dog register with transponder number
  • In case of death of the dog, confirmation from the veterinarian
  • When handing over the dog, name and address of the purchaser

Please note

You can also deregister your dog in writing if you include a copy of the required documents. Please use the dog registration/notification of changes form (see link below), or you can send a scan by email. Your details will be forwarded to the tax office responsible for dog tax.
The written deregistration of a dog should be made to the dog registry and the tax office in order to avoid temporal overlaps.


De-register your dog within 2 weeks after you no longer keep him in your municipality of residence.

Procedure & Fees


Inform the responsible authority that you no longer keep your dog in the municipality in which you registered him.
If necessary, provide the relevant evidence and documents with your notification to the responsible authority.
The responsible authority will examine your notification and your documents.
Your data will be forwarded to the tax office responsible for dog tax.
The responsible authority will record the deregistration of your dog in its dog register.

Legal notes

Legal basis

Hamburg Law on Keeping and Leading Dogs - (Dog Law - Dog Act)

§ 13 Notification and Notification Obligations

Service description

You must deregister your dog if you no longer keep it in your municipality of residence.

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