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Granting of loans (social assistance)

A loan can be granted in individual cases to take over debts to secure accommodation or a comparable emergency (e.g. energy cost arrears). In principle, a loan can also be granted if the supply of food cannot be ensured or the items necessary to ... Continue

Apply for a sole inheritance certificate based on a will or contract of inheritance

If you are the sole heir, you often need a certificate of inheritance as proof of your inheritance rights. If you are the sole heir according to a will or contract of inheritance, you can apply for a sole inheritance certificate. Continue

Granting of state recognition as a professional academy

If you want to set up a vocational academy and have it recognized by the state, this is the right service for you. Continue

Use of work equipment - Granting of exemptions from the Industrial Safety Ordinance

Are you an employer and certain protective measures of the Industrial Safety Ordinance can only be implemented with great effort and are not proportionate? Then there is the possibility to apply for an exception to these. Continue

Investment advice as a commercial fee financial investment advisor - granting of permission

Permission for investment advice as a professional honorary financial investment advisor Continue

Apply for loans in certain acute emergency situations

If you receive citizen benefit, you can apply for a loan from the job center in acute emergency situations if you cannot raise an amount that actually has to be covered from the standard requirement yourself and you cannot postpone the payment either. Continue

apply for citizenship


The Hamburg Department of Internal Investigations (DIE) is an investigative service assigned to the Ministry of the Interior and Sport, whose area of responsibility includes the criminal prosecution of official and corruption offenses. Within the ... Continue

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