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Avian influenza, information

Wild birds and domestic poultry living near the water are currently infected with avian influenza (“bird flu”, avian influenza). The pathogen is the avian influenza virus. It is highly contagious to wild birds and domestic poultry and causes serious ... Continue

Protection against animal diseases, information

If you keep animals or handle animals, you are obliged to inform the responsible department for consumer protection, trade and the environment immediately if you suspect an animal disease. Outside the usual reachability, the police must be informed. Continue

Vaccination coverage

The statutory health insurance companies bear the costs for the vaccinations recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO). Continue

Swine flu, general information

Seasonal influenza is extremely contagious. It is transmitted from person to person through droplet infection. Flu viruses are always changing. A current vaccine is thus developed for each flu season. For this reason, the flu vaccination must be ... Continue

Vaccination Center Hamburg

The Hamburg Vaccination Center - a facility of the Institute for Hygiene and Environment - advises you on all questions relating to vaccinations, including travel medicine advice and the associated preventive measures. Continue

Show ducks and geese kept together with chickens or turkeys

If you are exhibiting ducks and geese at a poultry show or poultry market, you must have them examined beforehand. This can be avoided by keeping ducks and geese together with chickens or turkeys beforehand. Continue

Advertisement of an event with animals

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