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Announcement of a birth

Every birth of a child must be reported to the registry office responsible for the place of birth . Continue

Viewing a birth Receiving facilities

Was a child born in your facility? You must then report this to the competent registry office. Continue

Digital Birth Announcement by Institutions

Certificate of miscarriage

If your child was stillborn and it is a miscarriage, you can report the birth to the registry office in whose jurisdiction the miscarriage occurred. The registry office will issue a certificate of this upon request. Continue

death notice

Registration of a death Continue

change first name

You can have your first name changed under certain conditions. Continue

Change the order of first names

If you have more than one first name, you can change their order with a declaration. Continue

Change of surname due to the declaration on the name of life partners

There are many options when it comes to determining the name. In some cases, special features must also be taken into account (e.g. for the names of foreign partners or if there are children born before the civil partnership). In these cases in ... Continue

Have your birth registered abroad

You, your child or another close family member in the ascending or descending line of descent was born abroad? Then you can have the birth subsequently recorded in the birth register at the registry office responsible for you. Continue

Surname change due to the declaration of expellees, late resettlers, their spouses and descendants

You acquired your name under foreign law and now want to align it with German law. Continue

Apply for certification of a marriage concluded abroad

If you, as a German, have married abroad, the marriage can be certified in the German marriage register upon application. The registry office of your place of residence in Germany is responsible for notarizing marriages abroad. Continue

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