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Apply for a license to wholesale medicines

You need a permit to trade in pharmaceuticals wholesale. Continue

Cancelling the regulations for trade fairs, exhibitions or markets

You can have the designation of a trade fair, exhibition or market cancelled. Continue

Request the establishment of fairs, exhibitions or markets

If you want to have an event recorded, you must apply for this. There is no obligation to schedule an event. Scheduled events are exempt from certain requirements. Continue

market fixing

Change the location of trade fairs, exhibitions or markets

You can have the schedule of a trade fair, exhibition or market changed. Continue

Apply to attend an event

If you want to take part in an event as a commercial person or company, you need confirmation. Continue

Stand application

Sales tax, taxation of outpatient traders

Outpatient traders are entrepreneurs who offer their goods in Germany Markets, public roads or from house to house Outpatient traders are obliged to keep a sales tax book according to the official form and record their sales and input tax there. Continue

Apply for an operating license for a pharmacy

If you want to open or take over a pharmacy, you must submit a written application for an operating license to the competent supervisory authority, the Authority for Justice and Consumer Protection (BJV) - Office for Consumer Protection - V4. Continue

Register business

Are you relocating your company's headquarters to a new location in Hamburg? Or will you offer additional other goods or services in the future that are unusual for the currently registered trade? In these and other cases, you must register your business. Continue

Business advertisement

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