Death certificates

The death notice for the death certificate at the registry office is usually made by the undertaker.

The registry office in whose district the person died is responsible for notarizing a death (only recent deaths!).

Important notes

Documents required

  • If you, as a private individual, report a death directly, the following documents are required:
    • Identity card or passport with last registration certificate.
  • From the deceased is required:
    • Identity card or passport with the last registration certificate,
    • Medical certificate of death (death certificate) and
    • Proof of marital status, eg marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc. (if available).

Please note

  • With the death certificate, only the necessary certificate for the burial is issued. Death certificates are issued separately for a fee - see link.
  • No information on the processing status can be given over the phone. Please contact the funeral home.

Procedure & Fees



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