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Soil protection

Soil protection is used to secure or restore the functions of the soil. The soil is an indispensable basis of life for nature and society, their development and sustainable usability. Soil cannot be increased and has only a limited load-bearing ... Continue

Groundwater level - BUKEA

The authority for the environment, climate, energy and agriculture provides an overview of this topic below. Continue

Division permits

For the division of land, contact a notary. He will inspect the land register and submit corresponding applications to the land registry for you. In addition to the notaries, property owners or persons who can prove a legitimate interest have the ... Continue

Registration of building encumbrances for waste water disposal

If the waste water development of a property is only possible via another property, the development must be secured with a building encumbrance. Continue

Proof of tightness for property drainage systems

The condition of the private sewage pipes, some of which are several decades old, is often worrying. The property owners are responsible for the tightness of the sewage pipes. Continue

Geological State Office

If you would like to know something about the geology of Hamburg, you are always welcome to contact the Geological State Office. We will help you! Continue

Geotourism - Interactive Map

Soil protection and contaminated sites

Numerous plots of land are dangerous for people and the environment, which should be systematically eliminated as part of the contaminated site processing. Would you like to know more? Then follow the links below. Continue

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