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Project - Pollutant remediation Elbe sediments

Would you like to find out more about sediment management, specifically about the ELSA funding project? Then please read on and follow the links. Continue

Soil protection

Soil protection is used to secure or restore the functions of the soil. The soil is an indispensable basis of life for nature and society, their development and sustainable usability. Soil cannot be increased and has only a limited load-bearing ... Continue

Disposal of problem materials

The disposal of waste from private households and thus also of problematic materials is the responsibility of the responsible public waste disposal authority. In Hamburg, the Hamburg city cleaning department is responsible for this as the public ... Continue

Apply for official approval as a measuring point for determining emissions and immissions of air pollutants, noise and vibrations

If you would like to measure emissions and immissions as a service for others, you need approval from the responsible authority. Continue

Urban space monitoring, climate protection change, fundamental environmental issues

Many areas in Hamburg that are suitable for residential construction are exposed to high loads. Two guidelines on air pollutants and noise deal with land use planning. Continue

Apply for an exemption from the submission of an emission declaration for landfills

If you, as the operator of a landfill, are obliged to submit an emissions declaration, you can be exempted from the obligation to submit an emissions declaration under certain conditions. Continue

Air pollution control

Without clean breathing air, the human body could only survive for minutes. Our air is therefore a very valuable commodity. Protecting this is the goal of air pollution control. Continue

Cases of environmental damage

Danger for soil and groundwater - What is current environmental damage? What should I do? Continue

Current measured values air

The Institute for Hygiene and Environment examines and assesses the air quality in Hamburg. Continue

Hamburg air measurement network (HaLm-Online)

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