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For operators of a service water utilization system, there is an obligation to notify if this is installed in a building in addition to the existing drinking water installation. Industrial water utilization systems are systems from which water is withdrawn or released that is not of drinking water quality. These may only be installed in addition to the drinking water supply. They must not have any connection with one another.

Examples of such systems are:

  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Roof drainage water utilization systems
  • Greywater utilization systems (greywater is already used water, e.g. shower water)
  • Service water is also called service water. For example, collected rainwater that is used to flush the toilet or for watering. It is not drinking water

It must be ensured that there is no direct connection between the drinking water supply and the service water supply.

The background to this is the possible influence on the quality of drinking water by non-drinking water systems if these are not installed and operated according to the rules of technology. There is a risk of microbiological contamination for both domestic drinking water installations and the public water supply network through sucking back or pushing back contaminated non-drinking water / service water.


14 days before commissioning.

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Up to 2 weeks.



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Legal basis

§ 13 Paragraph 4 - Ordinance on the Quality of Water for Human Consumption (Drinking Water Ordinance - TrinkwV)

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