Display of devices with non-ionizing radiation

Would you like to display your equipment with non-ionizing radiation?

Important notes


Certificate of Expertise

Documents required

Certificate of Expertise

Please note

In addition to the notification of devices, proof of specialist knowledge must also be provided for all users who use these devices with the notification of the systems. If you would like a confirmation of receipt, please let us know when you send the advertisement.


The operator of a system must notify the competent authority of the operation of the system no later than two weeks before it is put into operation. New devices must be reported to the responsible district office no later than 14 days before they are put into operation.

Procedure & Fees


The notification must be filled out and sent to the functional mailbox of the responsible district office. The required proof of professional qualifications must be attached.

Processing time




Service description

All devices that expose people to non-ionizing radiation (light, high frequency, electrical stimulation and ultrasound) must be reported by the device operator.

The following devices, for example, fall under the obligation to notify:

  • Laser devices and those with intense light sources (e.g. IPL devices), for example for permanent hair removal or tattoo removal
  • High-frequency devices, for example for wrinkle smoothing or fat reduction
  • low frequency devices
  • direct current devices
  • magnetic field devices
  • Ultrasonic devices, for example for fat reduction
  • Systems for electrical nerve and muscle stimulation (e.g. EMS devices for muscle building in sports studios) and for magnetic field stimulation (e.g. magnetic field mats)

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