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Apply for security guard certification

If you would like to have access control staff and personnel for surveillance and patrols in the aviation security area certified, you can apply for this at your aviation security authority. Continue

Aviation security training and certification

Receive proof of successful participation in the training course for the security industry

You must prove that you have been trained in the security trade if you are employed and independently assume responsibility for security tasks in the security trade. Continue

State bird sanctuary

Did you know? 160 bird species breed with over 400,000 breeding pairs here in Hamburg Continue

Estate guardianship order

If the heirs are unknown and the estate needs to be secured, the probate court can order guardianship of the estate. Continue

Apply for recertification of security personnel

If you would like to have the security personnel deployed in the aviation security area recertified, you can apply to your aviation security authority for this. Continue

Aviation security training and certification

Apply for access authorization for security areas of the airport

If you want to work in security areas at an airport, you need access authorization (for example an airport ID card). The prerequisite for this is a positive background check and various training courses. Continue

Request background check and access

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