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Register business

Would you like to run a permanent business? You must register this in advance. Continue

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Register business

Are you relocating your company's headquarters to a new location in Hamburg? Or will you offer additional other goods or services in the future that are unusual for the currently registered trade? In these and other cases, you must register your business. Continue

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Pawnbroking business, permit

Anyone who runs the business of a pawnbroker or a pawnbroker needs a permit. Pawnbrokers grant money loans and receive a movable object or securities as collateral as collateral. Costs and interest will be charged for the loan. The costs that may be ... Continue

Industry in need of surveillance

A trade requiring supervision according to § 38 GewO (also called trust trade) is, for example, motor vehicle trade, travel agencies, key services, trade in high-quality second-hand goods and consumer goods, marriage brokerage, trade in precious ... Continue

deregister business

Would you like to discontinue your business, relocate to a location that falls under the jurisdiction of a different municipality (federal state) than the one previously responsible, or would you like to change the legal form of your business? Then ... Continue

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Apply for the installation of gaming machines

If you want to set up gaming machines with a chance of winning for a commercial use, you need a permit. Continue

Permission to broker real estate/loan agreements, preparation/implementation of construction projects/construction supervision or management of residential real estate

Would you like to broker real estate or loan agreements on a commercial basis? You need official permission for this. This also applies if you want to manage residential real estate on a commercial basis or prepare and carry out construction projects. Continue

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