Report commercial handling of fireworks articles of classes I and II and subclass T1

If you trade in pyrotechnic articles of classes I and II and subclass T1 as part of a commercial activity, you must notify the competent authority.

Important notes


  • You appoint the responsible persons according to the size of your business and the type of your activity.
  • You have the necessary expertise and can provide evidence of this.
  • You may have a permit to handle explosive substances and pyrotechnic articles.
  • You may have proof of need.

Documents required

In your advertisement about the start or opening of a business, a branch or a dependent branch office,

  • the persons responsible for the management and submit the following documents for these persons:
    • Proof of expertise
    • if applicable, proof of authorization to handle explosive substances and pyrotechnic articles
    • if necessary, proof of need

Please note

If you intend to sell pyrotechnic articles in categories F1 and F2, you must notify the competent authority at least 14 days before starting your activity. If you intend to sell pyrotechnic articles on an annual basis, a one-time notification is sufficient.

If there have been any changes since the initial notification (for example, change of address, changes in the responsible persons) or if the sale is discontinued, you must notify this again.

For each sales facility, you must appoint enough responsible people who are responsible for both sales supervision and storage. The selection and appointment of these people is carried out by your internal organization.

You may sell pyrotechnic items in category F1 all year round. You may only sell pyrotechnic items in category F2 between December 29th and December 31st. If one of these days is a Sunday, you may start selling on December 28th. If a Sunday falls within this period when shops are open, sales are also permitted on this day.

If a person wishes to purchase and set off Category F2 fireworks outside the above-mentioned time, he or she will need an exemption permit from the responsible district authority.

The burning of pyrotechnic items is only permitted in Hamburg from 6 p.m. on December 31st to 1 a.m. on January 1st of the following year.

In the vicinity of buildings or facilities that are particularly sensitive to fire, you may only set off fireworks at a sufficient distance and taking the wind direction into account (for rockets at least 200 m and for all other fireworks at least 50 m).
You are not allowed to set off pyrotechnic items in the immediate vicinity of churches, hospitals, kindergartens and retirement homes, as well as thatched and half-timbered houses.


Submit the notification to the responsible authority at least 2 weeks before starting the activity.

Procedure & Fees


You submit your report with all necessary documents to the responsible authority.
The responsible authority will review your report

Processing time

Processing time is up to 2 weeks.



Legal notes

Legal remedies


Legal basis

§ 14 Law on Explosive Substances (Explosives Act - SprengG)

Service description

If you handle or trade explosive substances as part of a commercial activity, you must report certain events to the competent authority. These include

  • the start of operations,
  • the opening of branches or dependent branches,
  • the cessation of operations or certain activities,
  • the closure of branches or dependent branches,
  • the appointment or dismissal of persons who manage the business, a branch or dependent branches,
  • as well as the change of authorized representatives of legal entities.

The obligation to report applies, among other things, to the sale of fireworks items in categories F1 and F2 (for example for New Year's Eve).

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