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Are you relocating your company's headquarters to a new location in Hamburg? Or will you offer additional other goods or services in the future that are unusual for the currently registered trade? In these and other cases, you must register your business.

Important notes


  • You move the company headquarters, a branch or an independent branch within Hamburg, or
  • They change or expand the goods and services offered that are not customary for commercial enterprises of the type registered.

You register your business
  • as a sole trader yourself or
  • as a legal representative of a legal entity (for example: GmbH, AG)

You can also authorize another natural person to re-register your business.

Documents required

  • Copy of ID card or passport with registration certificate, or presentation of the documents on site.
  • In the case of electronic business deregistration, self-declaration of identity.
  • Copy of the extract from the commercial register (in the case of legal partnerships, for example GmbH, AG, registered merchant), if your company is entered in the commercial register (also: register of cooperatives, register of associations)

Please note

You must re-register your business yourself or through a representative, authorized person:

  • for individual businesses as a tradesman or tradesman,
  • in the case of legal entities (e.g. GmbH, AG) by the legal representatives.
In the case of partnerships (e.g. OHG, KG, GbR/BGB-Gesellschaft, GmbH & Co. KG), all partners authorized to manage the business must each register a business.

If you move your business headquarters to the jurisdiction of another municipality (state) outside of Hamburg, you must first deregister the business at the previous location and then register it again at the new location. This is not a reason to change your registration.

If you expand your business to include an activity that requires a permit and the authorities do not have the corresponding permit, the responsible body can prevent your business from continuing.

Activities that pose a possible risk to third parties and are therefore subject to special monitoring trigger a check of personal reliability by the responsible consumer protection, trade and environmental office, the Chamber of Crafts or the Chamber of Commerce.
Accordingly, if you expand your business to include such “monitoring” activities, you must apply for the documents required for a reliability check.


You are obliged to re-register your business at the time of the relocation or change. If you change or expand the commercial object, you must also make the re-registration at this point.

Procedure & Fees


You can re-register your business in person or in writing using a form. When re-registering a business using a written or electronic form, attach a copy of all required documents.
A written re-registration is recommended.

You can also have your business re-registered by a person who can be proven to have been authorized and identified in writing by the business owner.

Send the documents to the relevant authority.
The authority will check your documents and, if necessary, request further documents or information from you.

The authority will inform you of the amount of fees you have to pay.
You pay the fees.

You will receive a certificate from the authority for your business registration.

The responsible body forwards the business re-registration to other bodies, such as the tax office, the professional association, the Chamber of Crafts or the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and, if necessary, the registration court.

Processing time

Duration (if in person): immediately

Duration (for written or electronic cancellation):

Duration (in range): 3 to 14 days

If you have filled out the form correctly and have the required documents, the responsible office will confirm receipt of your business registration change, usually within two weeks. The processing time varies depending on the district office and the current situation. Significant delays can occur, particularly in districts with a high volume of business.


  • A fee of EUR 20 is charged for the certification of a company relocation.

  • A duplicate of the business re-registration confirmation is available at a reduced fee of EUR 10.

  • Changes due, for example, to a change of name or expansion of activities are free of charge.

Service description

If you want to move your company's headquarters within Hamburg, you must re-register your business. The same applies if you change the location of your place of business or the location of a branch or dependent branch.

If you change your business property, you must also re-register your business. This is the case, for example, if you exclusively or additionally offer goods or services in your business that are not customary for your registered business. An example would be expanding a stationery store to include travel agency services. The same applies if you still sell the same goods, but the scope of your business changes from retail to wholesale.
If the business object changes, a re-registration is required not only in the permanent business, but also in the traveling business.

Entry in the commercial register does not replace re-registration. You must register your business separately with the responsible district office.

Certain changes relating to you personally or your business do not require reporting. However, you can report such changes to the authority voluntarily - for example, if it involves giving up an activity or changing your name or the name of your company.

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