Central trade register, information

If you need proof of your personal reliability in connection with the operation of a business, you can request information from the central business register.

Important notes


You want to practice a trade that requires a permit.

Documents required

Application as a natural person:
ID card or passport with last registration certificate

Application as a legal person:
ID card or passport with last registration certificate
Extract from the commercial register as proof of power of representation

Additionally for a written application (exception):
Application with officially or publicly certified signature of the applicant
If necessary, excerpt from the commercial register as proof of power of representation

Please note

Information from the central trade register shows whether you have violated commercial regulations in the past.

The information also serves as proof of your personal reliability, for example if you want to operate a business that requires a permit (e.g. restaurant, broker) or a business that requires monitoring (e.g. trade in used vehicles, travel agency).

The application must be submitted in person or in writing (exception) with an officially or publicly certified signature.
It is not possible for the applicant to be represented by an authorized representative (e.g. lawyer, spouse). A direct application to the central trade register is also not possible.
The applicant has to prove his identity and, if he is acting as the legal representative of a legal person, his power of representation with an extract from the commercial register.

Natural person:
Trade office of residence

Legal person:
Trade office of the company headquarters

The information is generally sent to the applicant. Sending to an authorized person is not possible. Direct submission to an authority can be requested for certain purposes. For this purpose, the address of the authority must be given when submitting the application.


There is no need to pay attention to the deadlines.

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

The processing time is approx. 2-4 weeks


13 EUR

Legal notes

Legal basis

§ 150 / 150a Trade Regulations (GewO)

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